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The Palace Alliata of Pietratagliata since a few years has been opened to the public and it is the ideal location to entertain exclusive and prestigious events.

Steadily inhabited by the owners it welcomes congresses, lectures, conferences and meetings of national and international importance.

It has also been chosen by the public Institutions to welcome relevant personalities.
Among the most important guests: the Queen of Holland, the master Muti, the Nobel prize Modigliani, the master Pollini etc.

The parties organized by privates are numerous, also foreigners have chosen the Palace Alliata of Pietratagliata to celebrate their recurrences with receptions and concerts.
We also have welcomed events of world-famous brand names, both in commercial field and financial, with the goal to promote their products.
Many brides and bridegrooms have chosen our large halls to organize their wedding.

We work with the most important local services of catering, and we also have contacts with the greatest national ones.
We organize visits with cocktails, lunches or dinners for groups of tourists interested on the arts, to show them one of the more meaningful historical residences in Palermo, point of reference for the traveller who wants to discover the wonders of the hidden Sicily.


Visits on appointment for groups of minimum 20 people.


Where we are

The Palace Alliata of Pietratagliata is located in via Bandiera, heart of the historical center in Palermo and one of the most ancient roads...

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