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The 15th-century Palazzo Alliata di Pietratagliata is one of the most significant structures in Palermo today, blending seven centuries of architectural styles that are magnificent visual reminders of Sicily’s complex history. “Each generation made its own contribution,” says Princess Signoretta Alliata di Pietratagliata, whose family has owned the palace for hundreds of years. Her marriage to Biagio Licata, prince of Baucina, was an important moment in the palazzo’s history, a dynastic watershed making the couple the 26th generation of the two clans to live there. (The Baucina princes originally built the palace.)

In the palazzo, the Chandelier Apartment is available for rent. It was recently renovated with a modern style, although antiques are dispersed throughout. In addition, the family offers other properties to guests: a seaside retreat, Villa Il Moro, not far from Palermo; and an early 19th-century farm in Collesano, Fattoria Mongerrate, that was part of a fiefdom owned by the prince’s family.

“It is a very beautiful and off-the-beaten-path version of Sicily,” the princess says of the area surrounding the farmhouse. Their properties offer an opportunity to enjoy a posh Sicilian city and country lifestyle.

Starting rate: The Chandelier Apartment in Palazzo Alliata di Pietratagliata, approximately $300 per night, minimum stay of three nights. Villa Il Moro: $4,130 to $7,100 per week, minimum stay of seven nights. Apartments at the Fattoria Mongerrate: $95 per night, minimum stay of three nights.

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This palazzo, along with a number of the other palaces and villas in this feature, is a member of ADSI, the Italian Historical Residences Association. adsi.it


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The Palace Alliata of Pietratagliata is located in via Bandiera, heart of the historical center in Palermo and one of the most ancient roads...

The Moro House & Cottage

Seaside Mondello is lively all year, and this house and cottage sleeps 10 so is perfect for families or friends. Beach and Palermo nearby

Fattoria Mongerrate

Fattoria Mongerrate - Aziende Agricole BAUCINA sec. XIX
Fattoria Mongerrate